We do not sell our lighting, irrigation, nutrition, software or automation equipment as a product. We only offer our complete indoor vertical farming solution and exclusively to our partners. If you would like to know more about partnering with YesHealth Group, then please read our Partnership FAQ.

Jesper Hansen

Chief Commercial Officer

All farming data in one central control system

Big data plays an important role in vertical farming. It helps our team to monitor plant growth, along with the vertical farm’s power consumption. Specialized software is required to crunch and correlate all the data on various environmental parameters.

Our central control system constantly monitors air temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels, water temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen levels in the water. By analyzing these data points, our experts are able to improve plant growth, harvest by harvest.

This also enables vertical farm operators to optimize power consumption and reduce financial costs. Optimal settings vary between vertical farms, depending on regional differences in climate, water quality, and power supply, therefore it is essential to collect accurate regional data.

The more regional data we collect from our partners, worldwide, the more efficient our partners' vertical farms will become. Optimum efficiency can be attained within three to six months of testing, which takes place in the final phase of a vertical farm's construction, during the technology transfer.

Software | YesHealth Group | Photo by Alastair Philip Wiper
We're enhancing our core systems (MES, ERP and IOT) through AI research and development...

Two types of software are integrated with vertical farming hardware to form our central control system – manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

MES is responsible for reporting tasks that are either automated or performed by vertical farming personnel. This type of software is crucial for any manufacturing or production base, as it records the implementation of standard operating procedures for efficiency and accountability.

ERP is important for the farm's business administration. Our partners can use their preferred ERP solution, and we help them to integrate it with the MES used by farm operators and technicians.

Software | YesHealth Group | Photo by Alastair Philip Wiper

IOT is integrated with MES to collect data from across the entire vertical farm. This allows vertical farm operators to optimize plant growth and power consumption in real-time, automating some tasks in the central control system for added efficiency.

The next step in our software's development will bring more automation to our central control system. AI will enable us to do so, progressing towards the realization of a completely unmanned vertical farm.

Photos by Alastair Philip Wiper.

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