YesHealth Group is a mission-driven company, pioneering clean technology for sustainable and pesticide-free vertical farming.
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Our Story

Health and sustainability is the essence of everything we do. Our R&D team has been pioneering clean technology for sustainable and pesticide-free vertical farming since 2008. We research and develop all of our technologies in-house to ensure that each part improves efficiency across the whole vertical farm.

YesHealth Group was formally established (along with our R&D center) in 2013. Our first commercial indoor vertical farm - YesHealth iFarm opened in 2017, then over the following years we learned how to operate a healthy and sustainable vertical farming business.

Today, we are a growing team of more than 150 cleantech pioneers and together, we build some of the world's largest and most efficient vertical farms. We hope to discover more global partners who share our mission of elevating health and sustainability in vertical farming.

Winston Tsai

Founder & CEO

Longterm Support

We're a partner – not a supplier.


10+ years of experience.

Feasible Projects

Only sustainable, profitable projects.


Winston Tsai

Founder & CEO

Tseng Jin Mei

Chief Operating Officer

Sam Peng

Chief Financial Officer

Jesper Hansen

Chief Commercial Officer

Weng Shou Ping

Director of R&D Engineering

Stella Tsai

Group Facilitator

Lin Jie Yang

Director of Factory

Lu Yong Jun

Director of Sales

Kevin Lin

Director of Business Development

Yang Chang Chin

Head of R&D Lighting

Chang Wen Long

Head of R&D Engineering

Huang Chen Chiang

Head of Factory

Chen Wen Yang

Head of Plant Research

Andy Huang

Head of Data Management

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