We only offer a complete indoor vertical farming solution and exclusively to our regional partners. We do not offer our LED, gel substrate, bio-fertilizer, software, or automation equipment as individual products. If you’re interested in partnering with us, then please read our Partnership FAQ.

Jesper Hansen

Chief Commercial Officer

Salad made with YesHealth produce.

We grow over 100 different varieties of leafy greens, edible flowers, culinary herbs and microgreens.

All our produce contains zero pesticides, heavy metals, parasite ova and E. coli, low nitrate and bacteria; can be delivered within just a few hours of harvest; consistent in color, flavor, shape, size and texture; with a long shelf-life of up to 14 days.

Although it is possible to grow other types of produce, such as soft fruits, we made a strategic choice to focus on leafy greens. This category is ripe for disruption, and we can elevate it by delivering higher quality, locally grown leafy greens, all year round.

In our domestic market, Taiwan, we support local, small hold, organic farmers by retailing their produce alongside ours. Their cucumbers and peppers are packaged in our salad kits. Our online and physical stores retail all kinds of produce from their farms.

We partner with them because they share our values. We realize that our customers aren’t in the market for “indoor grown” or “vertically farmed” produce. What they want is health, safety, and sustainability, so we source all kinds of organic produce to meet their needs.

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