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YesHealth Group builds and operates indoor vertical farms through a global partnership model. Partners of the Group benefit from a complete indoor vertical farming solution supplied by YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Dedicated to health and sustainability, each partner ensures year-round availability of fresh, nutrient-rich produce, delivering a new standard of wholesome and safe food options to their regional market.

Through direct investment or joint venture, and cooperative business planning, the Group assists each partner to reach profitability while providing a full range of services- from the construction to the operation of their vertical farms.

The Group's current partners include Leafood in Lithuania, Mowreq Specialized Agriculture in Saudi Arabia, and Urban Farms Limited in USA. Group headquarters are located at YesHealth iFarm in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Partnership FAQ

Is it possible to purchase YesHealth Group's technology?

Our technology is not available to everyone. We only provide our technology as a complete solution to partners.

Does YesHealth Group offer technology samples?

We do not offer technology samples to just anyone. Only our partners can receive samples.

How do YesHealth Group's international partnerships work?

It's important to note that we’re not a technology supplier or provider; we are a partner. Using different approaches, we ensure that our relationship is not simply transactional. Before the construction of our partner's indoor vertical farm begins, we help them to develop their business case and get funding. We provide them with a complete vertical farming solution and we train their team to operate it.

How can someone initiate a partnership with YesHealth Group?

We’re regularly contacted by people and organizations who want to partner with us. Unfortunately, we’re not able to reply to all of them; we’re only able to pursue those who seem most suitable. It’s not ideal, but our projects require a lot of careful planning, so we simply cannot pursue every opportunity that comes our way. For example, if you already operate an indoor vertical farm and you’re looking to scale up, then we would seriously consider your case. Furthermore, we seriously consider anyone with experience operating a successful food business in their regional market. Therefore, the more details you provide, the better we can evaluate your inquiry.

What does YesHealth Group look for in potential partners?

First of all, we need a partner who can handle sales and marketing in their regional market. They also need access to sufficient funding for their project and we need to find suitable locations to house their indoor vertical farms. Most importantly, we model everything from a business perspective and we only pursue projects where our models show a clear path to profitability.

Is YesHealth Group considering more international partners?

We are working towards more international partnerships and joint ventures. Typically, it takes time to evaluate and develop a new partnership, so our international business development team is thinking many years ahead. We have the capacity to build multiple large-scale indoor vertical farms each year, but the number of indoor vertical farms that we actually build depends on our new and ongoing partnerships.

What are YesHealth Group's international expansion plans?

We began building indoor vertical farms for select international partners in 2018. The first farm was built in Shenzhen, China, and the second was built in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since then, we built a small-scale farm in Rome, Italy, and a large-scale farm in Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently, we're building large-scale vertical farms in Saudi Arabia and North America. We’re also looking towards Southeast Asia and elsewhere around the world.

Are YesHealth Group's indoor vertical farms profitable?

YesHealth iFarm is profitable. This was our first large-scale vertical farm, which we built in 2017. It scaled up over several years, producing 300 kilograms of leafy greens per day in 2018, 1000 kilograms per day in 2020, and up to 1600 kilograms today. The increase in production contributed to a steady increase in revenue. Annual turnover increased by 25 percent between 2019 and 2020, and by a further 25 percent in the following year.

Who are YesHealth Group's international BD team members?

(From right to left) Chief Commercial Officer - Jesper Hansen, Director of Business Development - Kevin Lin, Group Facilitator - Stella Tsai, Head of Public Relations - Daniel Cunningham.

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