YesHealth Group builds and operates indoor vertical farms through a global partnership model. Partners of the Group benefit from a complete indoor vertical farming solution supplied by YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

A New Standard of Food Safety in Fresh Produce™

"Every day, some 1.6 million people worldwide fall ill from eating contaminated food, which kills 420,000 people each year."

The World Health Organization (WHO) and UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) highlighted this issue ahead of World Food Safety Day on June 7, 2023.
"Over 200 diseases, from diarrhoea to cancers, are caused by eating food contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites or chemicals."

Leafy greens are one of the most dangerous types of fresh produce. Why? Because they're easily contaminated, difficult to clean due to their fragile nature, and people like to eat them raw.

Through controlled environment agriculture (CEA), we can farm leafy greens without any harmful chemicals while minimizing the risk of contamination by bacteria, viruses, parasites and more.

Let Diet Be Our Medicine

In 2016, around the time that YesHealth iFarm opened, tests on vegetables sold at major retail outlets in Taiwan showed that more than 70% contained pesticide residue with excessive pesticide levels in 20%.

Consumer awareness of the health risks associated with pesticides has risen since then, and demand for pesticide-free produce has grown as a result, but there are still more food safety risks that warrant even greater concern.

Our mission is to eliminate as many of these risks as possible through CEA.

We offer non-GMO leafy greens with zero pesticides, heavy metals, parasite ova and E. coli, low nitrate and bacteria, making them safe for everyone to eat raw, including infants, seniors, pregnant women and the immunocompromised.

Elevating the Leafy Greens Category

Our founder began researching CEA in 2008 with the goal of farming without pesticides, and indoors where the chances of contamination could be minimized. He formed a team of electrical engineers, who built a prototype indoor vertical farm in 2010, and established YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology in 2013.

We built our first commercial indoor vertical farm in 2013 and our second in 2017, which has the capacity to produce 1600 kilograms of leafy greens per day. This farm has now reached profitability.

Today, we're building indoor vertical farms all around the world. Each farm ensures year-round availability of fresh, nutrient-rich produce, delivering a new standard of wholesome and safe food options to local markets, worldwide.

Eat Clean, Farm Clean

Founder and CEO of YesHealth Group, Winston Tsai is a serial entrepreneur from Taiwan who began his career selling vegetables in a traditional market. As Taiwan's technology industry grew, his career took him into electronics manufacturing and he co-founded Jochu Technology (TPE: 3543) in 2000.

During that time, a medical check up revealed tumors in his liver, and he chose to adopt a naturopathic diet of raw fruits and vegetables as a compliment to medical treatment. His food required careful preparation due to his autoimmune condition, which made him vulnerable to bacteria, chemicals, parasites and viruses etc.

This whole experience opened his eyes to the problems of food safety in fresh produce. It's what originally inspired his reseach into CEA and it's the reason why he founded YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology. His desire to eat clean elicited our mission to farm clean.

As time goes by, our innovations are helping more and more people in their pursuit of health. Winston often shares his experience with visitors at YesHealth iFarm and as a guest lecturer at universities across Taiwan.

Farm Local, Grow Global

We began as a technology developer and food producer for our domestic market. Synergy between R&D and commercial operations was a catalyst for our success at YesHealth iFarm where we scaled to profit within three years of opening.

Now, we have developed a complete indoor vertical farming solution with no third party providers. Our team has grown to nearly 200 specialists, including business administration, farm operators, technicians, engineers and researchers, who have experience building and operating indoor vertical farms in Asia, Europe, MENA and North America.

As we expand globally, we are providing our technology and know-how as a service to regional partners, enabling more people around the world to access a clean, whole foods diet, and reap the benefits of locally-grown produce.



  • Winston Tsai begins studying plant physiology with a team of electronics engineers from his previous company.


  • Winston's engineering team establishes their first R&D center in Taoyuan, Taiwan, and builds a prototype vertical farm.


  • Winston establishes YesHealth Agri-Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Engineering team builds their first commercial vertical farm in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


  • YesHealth products enter Carrefour Taiwan hypermarket chain.


  • Engineering team builds second commercial vertical farm, YesHealth iFarm in Taoyuan, Taiwan.


  • YesHealth iFarm begins supplying China Airlines via Taoyuan International Airport.
  • YesHealth Group builds indoor vertical farm for Foxconn Group in Shenzhen, China.


  • YesHealth iFarm receives Agribusiness Science & Technology Innovation Award (ASTIA) from Taiwan's Ministry of Agriculture.


  • Engineering team converts their first commercial vertical farm into a R&D center.
  • YesHealth Group builds indoor vertical farm for Nordic Harvest in Copenhagen, Denmark.


  • YesHealth Group builds educational farm for the Holy See in Rome, Italy.


  • YesHealth iFarm enters Costco Taiwan hypermarket chain and Uber Eats.
  • World Economic Forum recognizes YesHealth Group as Technology Pioneer.
  • YesHealth Group initiates partnership with Mowreq Specialized Agriculture in Saudi Arabia.


  • YesHealth iFarm expands its retail footprint at Carrefour Taiwan to 100 stores.
  • YesHealth Group builds indoor vertical farm for Leafood in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • YesHealth Group initiates partnership with Urban Farms Limited in South Dakota, USA.


ISO 22000 and HACCP Certified


40+ Inventions and Patents


WEF 2022 Technology Pioneer


Winston Tsai

Founder & CEO

Tseng Jin Mei

Chief Operating Officer

Yuting Tu

Chief Strategy Officer

Jesper Hansen

Chief Commercial Officer

Sam Peng

Chief Financial Officer

Weng Shou Ping

Director of R&D Engineering

Stella Tsai

Group Facilitator

Lin Jie Yang

Director of Factory

Lu Yong Jun

Director of Sales

Kevin Lin

Director of Business Development

Yang Chang Chin

Head of R&D Lighting

Chang Wen Long

Head of R&D Engineering

Huang Chen Chiang

Head of Factory

Andy Huang

Head of Data Management

Daniel Cunningham

Head of Public Relations

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