March 1, 2024

Investors visit Riyadh vertical farm as construction enters final phase

Mowreq and YesHealth Group welcomed guests from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Agricultural Development Fund who are backing the partners’ joint-venture, Vertical Farms Company. The cohort visited VFCo’s construction site in Riyadh Second Industrial City, where MENA’s tallest vertical farm is just five months from completion.

YesHealth Group’s Chief Commercial Officer and General Manager of VFCo, Jesper Hansen briefed the cohort on VFCo’s progress:

• Outer structures began taking shape in the second half of 2023, executed by Mowreq with local vendors;

• Construction of the main enclosure that will house the vertical farm is already complete;

• YesHealth Group is manufacturing all the equipment, which will be installed between April and July;

• Builders are continuing their work on the remaining structure that will include a public exhibition space;

• Commercial operations are scheduled to begin in August;

• An opening ceremony is being planned to celebrate the first harvest.

“The Saudi Vision 2030 is our guiding force,” says Modar Nazer, Co-founder of Mowreq and Chairman of VFCo. “We aim to inspire our compatriots and fuel the growth of our ambitious nation. We will create a profitable vertical farming business, provide jobs for the community, inspire a new generation of agriculture professionals, and feed the families living in our capital city from a sustainable source of clean, safe, and nutritious, fresh produce.”
Co-founder of Mowreq and Chairman of VFCo, Modar Nazer

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